Introducing Roadsign Radar

The revolutionary solution to get real-time and up-to-date insights into all the roadsigns and trafficsigns in your region! Using cutting-edge deep learning and AI technology, our system can automatically detect and classify road signs and traffic signs in the outdoor area with pinpoint accuracy.

What's more, Roadsign Radar is incredibly easy to install in one or more of your existing vehicles, providing instant access to up-to-date information on your road sign inventory. This is especially useful for municipalities and road managers who need to keep their road sign data accurate and current.

With Roadsign Radar, you'll enjoy a range of benefits that include:

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Stay On Top of Your Road Sign Inventory

With Roadsign Radar, you can always stay ahead of the game! Our advanced system provides you with up-to-date, real-time insights into the status, quality, location, and type of road signs in your work area. Say goodbye to outdated, unreliable data and hello to better, more efficient road management!

Never Miss a Beat with Missing Road Signs

Missing or stolen road signs can pose a serious threat to public safety, but with Roadsign Radar, you'll never have to worry! Our cutting-edge technology automatically detects and alerts you to any missing road signs, providing you with the location and type of the missing sign. This ensures that your roads remain safe and your traffic runs smoothly.

No More Confusion with Duplicate Road Signs

Duplicate or contradictory signs can cause confusion among drivers and even result in traffic violations. But with Roadsign Radar, you can put an end to this problem once and for all! Our system detects and alerts you to any duplicate or contradictory signs, ensuring that your road users have clear and concise information at all times. Plus, it's the perfect solution for paid parking areas
Roadsignradar cut out

Effortless Detection

Our system effortlessly recognizes, detects, and classifies road signs during driving without the need for an existing map, thanks to our advanced, trained AI models. An accurate map with all Roadsign locations will be generated automatically.

Simple to Operate

Monitoring public spaces has never been easier with our compact and user-friendly cameras that can be attached to the inside of a door window. The RoadsignRadar's AI processing unit, nestled in the car, ensures the immediate blurring of all personal data, leaving only road sign information stored. This approach guarantees compliance with GDPR and AVG regulations while only utilizing road sign images without any sensitive information.

RoadsignRadar Backoffice

RoadsignRadar Backoffice is the centralized hub where collected information is transmitted, creating a digital inventory of roadsign locations and types. This includes street names and GPS coordinates, as well as photos, maps, and statistics. Securely accessed through a browser login, Backoffice provides users with a powerful platform to retrieve, visualize, and perform visual checks on roadsigns and their locations via the Roadsign browser module. The following image provides a glimpse into the image review process.

Assured Quality Control

With the system built into one or more cars, RoadsignRadar provides real-time updates, constantly reflecting the current state of roadsigns in your area. The system intelligently detects and notifies users of any changes, including signs that have become less legible or have disappeared entirely. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that RoadsignRadar's quality control ensures accurate and reliable information.

Easy to use

Roadsign Radar is a complete system that includes: Choose the configuration that suits your specific needs and get the ultimate solution for detecting and classifying roadsigns. Our customized approach provides you with the perfect combination of hardware and software, designed to make your life easier and enhance road safety. Don't wait any longer to enjoy the benefits of Roadsign Radar!

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